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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 8, 2018

Ronan Leonard understands risk and reward where your true value lies in what you put your time and money into (but not gambling). Learning that while being paid to travel the world and meet 2000 people each week, he started a small business managing 2 casino tables, yet Ronan was just 23 when the cruise ship he was working on began to sink off the wild coast of South Africa. The Captain and most crew deserted leaving him to help rescue passengers and fellow staff. Undaunted he continued working on cruise ships as a casino manager then went on to manage over 50 casino tables becoming the largest gaming events company in Australia. Understanding the benefit of connecting to a tribe, which didn’t exist on that sinking cruise ship, he transitioned into another world and is why now Ronan is obsessed with connecting small business owners together to collaborate. Believing 99% of business problems are solved if you connect to a tribe he created a virtual or online Mastermind platform via his   Joining a tribe can help you accelerate your learning and progress as there is more value in making real peer-to-peer connections than paying external contractors who do not have a vested interest in your success. True to his ethos of collaboration Ronan is giving away 1 in 6 spots on his Mastermind platform to social enterprise business owners or entrepreneurs, it’s part of the Noble Founder movement of people that are creating businesses that are more about community and not focused solely on profit.