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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 1, 2018

Maxwell Ivey Jr asks ‘Who Am I? How Can I Help You?’ Known as The Blind Entrepreneur and or The Blind Blogger, he’s a man who has undergone a major 3 year transformation beginning 2011 from being well over 500 pounds (or 227 kg) on to become mentally and physically healthy - a very healthy blind entrepreneur. Yes Maxwell Ivey is totally blind.  An incredible example of changing your life by changing your thinking he has moved from being morbidly obese, having no confidence and being totally scared of blogging to being more slender, a prolific blogger, coaching and helping others to gain more confidence and to better themselves.

Since his transformation The Blind Blogger has managed to take many risks and achieved many of his goals, which begs the obvious question, how does he do it all? His answer is a strong reason why it’s important for all ages to listen to this podcast for his answer.  It’s profound.  His willingness to find solutions instead of making excuses, asking for help and accepting help when offered, and finding the positive in every experience are three brief reasons. You can learn more on his website by his aka name.

The Blind Blogger, Maxwell Ivey continues to surprise and even with no knowledge, no experience, or no idea how to do it where does business brokering used carnival rides and amusement equipment, fit into this story? This podcast is a ‘must listen.’

‘Leading You Out of Darkness Into The Light’ is Maxwell’s first book, which is a ‘Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide To Success’. Throughout the conversation with Host Diana Todd-Banks Max offers pearls of wisdom and life insights which he has gained himself over his journey in darkness, but Max radiates light and lots of it.  His website is his aka name.