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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 9, 2019

Listen how Suzie Gruber’s life took a circuitous route to be where she is today, helping you to improve your life and really come alive. She says many have an innate drive towards connection, aliveness, and success, an urge that gives you the courage to change, regardless of what you face along the way. But those desires may be submerged until Suzie starts working with a client.

It seems more and more people working in jobs feel their heart isn’t in the work, they get uneasy, unhappy, but don't’ do anything about that, yet they can, you just need to begin listening to your heart.   Suzie did that. Despite working in the biotechnology industry, Suzie found her heart wasn’t in it, and said she had to honour her own ‘primal urge’ to do what she loves, helping others come alive and she’s doing that. After learning about the instabilities in our world, Suzie knew she had to listen to her own deeper voice and respond to those challenges by helping people heal, firstly by rebuilding her professional life in a different direction, getting a degree in Psychology and then training in the Neuro Affective Relational ModelTM(NARM), which she offers today because NARM changed her life. She went from feeling constantly anxious to experiencing each day with greater aliveness, ease and success while enjoying more satisfying relationships.

Any life changes do have hurdles to overcome and for Suzie now it’s learning to market her work.  As a scientist, she wants to tell everyone how what she offers works inside us.  The truth is no one cares.  People just want results. Suzie enjoys telling her story so she can inspire you to follow your heart.  You can change.  It’s not too late. Contact Suzie via her website