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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 16, 2018

How does a creative, experienced, literacy educator, (without a business background) have the grit to leave a safe, successful career to be a Company Director of a children’s book publishing business and after 50? Taking that step away from long-term job security can be scary but exciting because doors can open up. But taking that step can be empowering even energizing which has allowed Susan’s creative energies to flow more easily. So how did Susan choose to focus on her new enterprise? Her answer is one that everyone needs to heed particularly those who are wondering what to do next.  Ask yourself given your experience and knowledge is there a gap somewhere that you could fill someway, somehow? Susan saw a large gap where there was and is a large group of disengaged/reluctant young school readers who needed engaging who needed simpler, supportive chapter books that they see their peers reading and that they can actually read themselves and be enthused by that. Since taking that big step Susan has become more immersed in writing, and is how she has managed to write 60 titles but only 5 are available right now. Thereadingmountain dot org is where you can learn more about these important little books including how you can receive a free downloadable children’s ebook. Susan’s books are read around the world and for anyone with children who are disengaged readers, during this podcast parents will discover how the author has managed to engage her young readers. As well she has countless suggestions for business and life and says life throws us experiences where we learn by success and failure. The person you smile at maybe the one that opens up new doors for you.