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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 3, 2019

Stephen said that’s exactly what happened and explains how writing charted his life on a new course, an amazingly incredible journey. Since his computer work world afforded him the opportunity to travel as he began semi-retirement, he decided to write a book on his extensive worldwide travels. His ‘tome’ wasn’t published but the path took him down a road where he would self-publish three fictional novels – two aimed at the female reading audience.  That’s often how life happens you have a goal, work towards it yet you veer of course onto a new amazing one.

Living in Las Vegas, the marriage capital of the world, Stephen’s first published novel was titled ‘The Chapel of Eternal Love – Wedding Stories from Las Vegas’. With 50 plus wedding chapels in Las Vegas and a Wedding Chamber of Commerce collectively bringing in over 2 billions dollars per year to the marriage capital, yet Stephen did not interview anyone for these books. As a bachelor he used his imagination and what imagination!  Not only did the novel win first prize in the mainstream fiction category in the Authors Talk About It book contest, it spawned a sequel, ‘Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love – Marriage Stories from Las Vegas’. The second novel revisits all the couples from the first novel five years later.  For his third novel, Stephen attempted something different - a murder mystery, ‘Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II’ released in 2017.  Learn more at Stephen’s website:

Stephen never dreamt he would pen novels for the female market – nor how writing charted a new life course. But that’s life!