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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Sep 16, 2018

After touring around the world on the pushbike tour in 2000 which Stephanie Cunningham and her husband did for months, they arrived in Australia and ultimately decided to stay, only to be confronted with visa work restrictions. Unable to work, what do you do? It’s time to reinvent retirement and find another way to be productive and be involved in a venture that is extremely fulfilling in numerous ways. Before embarking on the pushbike tour Stephanie was a policy analyst, drafting legislation and policy at the state level but in another country. As the visa work restrictions eased, this energetic mature preneur decided to be a yoga teacher, because she wanted to change the public perception of Yoga, which is that yoga is for the young, who is flexible, and it’s very difficult, all of which is extremely misleading.  How to achieve her goal, Stephanie chose a different approach, podcasting, where she talks to yoga teachers around the world, which she feels the medium shows that yoga is for everybody, as a result this innovative yoga teacher has a growing worldwide sangha (community). To know that people at the grassroots are doing these wonderful things for others offsets the terrible things that occur in society today. A book that Stephanie recommends is ‘They Ask, You Answer,’ by Marcus Sheridan.  You can learn more about Stephanie and her work at her website In addition to her Yoga Podcast Stephanie is working on another project Day To Day Retirement that deals with how to continue to be a contributing, vital member of society even when retired.