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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Oct 7, 2018

Sas says her previous life as a software developer, being a published author of 7 books on programming and speaker at many International conferences on related topics, didn’t really prepare her for the life she longed for – a simple life in the country with her family chasing her dreams of one day opening a sustainable café on a large area of land in the country. Leaving city life for four years, Sas and her husband worked 7 days per week and fell into bed exhausted most nights.  Overcoming the opposition of neighbours and lots of red tape to achieve their dream and open their café, Swan Valley Gourmet Café, in Western Australia, they finally were able to fulfil selling food made with items grown on their farm. Living in an unfinished house the café is now steadily growing in popularity and has become a hub for community initiatives. Having a strong commitment to community, Sas set up a local sustainability group that boasts over 4000 members. An experienced workshop presenter, she runs sessions on topics as diverse as fermenting, sourdough bread making and beekeeping and has a strong advocate for the environment inspiring many people to make changes in their lives towards more sustainable living.  All this is a far cry from her world as a software developer in the corporate world. To achieve their goals she and her husband had and still have several powerful areas of focus and you’ll grasp the 7 key points as you listen to this podcast along with many other profound issues Sas and Host Diana Todd-Banks discuss. Two of those are: Age is not an obstacle or barrier and, and learn to be flexible in the pursuit of your goal. To learn more go here: