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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Sep 20, 2018

At 48 years of age, Debs life flipped over and left her with a son, no viable career and suddenly premenopausal, she was in shock ‘menopause’ started so young for her!  Not prepared for that, it took Debs 6 years of learning, experimenting and tears to manage her symptoms, but also to hear the lessons nature was teaching her. She slowly began to emerge with renewed strength, wisdom and vitality. During the 6-years Debs studied and became a Yoga teacher deepening her own spiritual training but one thing eluded her, how to make a living from her spiritual gifts. Going back to work in an office she became ill. In the ensuing recovery period, she had a dream and ‘heard’ a voice say, “You have four presents all wrapped in shiny paper, gifts on four levels, go and share them with perimenopausal women”. That was unexpected, but that dream was powerful and she knew, going back to office life was not an option. What became an option Debs created a retreat, advertised it and to her delight gained clients.  Life offers us doorways you can ignore or take and if you take a risk it can create your new path.  Debs asks “What would you love to do, you’d do it for love?” Debs offers this suggestion, since nature has a gift for you, if you are wondering about your future, once you recalibrate yourself then identify and gather all your skills together with a new sense of self then you are ready to move forward faster so get the best business mentor or coach you can. The greatest benefit Debs now experiences is the feeling of being deeply content with her life and you can too. To learn more visit  & YouTube: Debs de Vries Menopause Mentoring.