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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 4, 2018

Too many people are suffering in silence says Cynthia Jones.  Each of us have different struggles but the will to survive is in all of us, although sometimes it is a bit hard to muster up, yet it will emerge, just allow it to.

Surviving four open-heart surgeries was the greatest battle of her life. Out of ‘commission’ for many years the second major battle was finding her way back into the ministry and business, which meant basically starting over again.  Often overcoming big challenges can open up new doors because you see things differently. You are refreshed and have a good story to tell, with an unrelenting determination to succeed. This was the case with Cynthia Jones, an author and preacher.

Throughout this podcast Cynthia talks about how strong we all are, surprisingly so and by being tenacious you can move forward mentally and physically. In fact you want to say goodbye to being tired and unwell. And you can. No one can do that for you; you need to do it within you or even with the help from your own mental cheerleader.

After a tough phase in life, it’s a time when people often turn to creating, and for Cynthia writing her first book ‘Destined Even Though You've Been Delayed,’ was her creative outlet. You can learn more here:   An inspirational book she wanted to inspire others to find the strength within to overcome any adversity.  As well, her book also encourages people to go after their dreams without fear, by staying focused on where they are going, and importantly NOT where they've been. Filled with famous quotes, Cynthia says, as long as you're still breathing, your destiny is still within your reach.