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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 23, 2017

Pat Obuchowski discusses opening yourself to new opportunities and How to Get Gutsy and Win. Doing that may sound easy, but for most people it certainly isn’t the case. Pat and Host Diana talk about how people can best adopt this approach to life and moving forward and Pat has some definite easy approaches to adopt.

Founder of Gutsy Women Win, Pat Obuchowski says she has dedicated this group to support women leaders around the world. Author of the newly released Gutsy Women Win: How to Get Gutsy and Get Going, her vision is that through the connections you make, the support you receive and the inspiration you find in others and give to others, you make your visions a reality. 

Pat describes The Bigger Game In Gutsy Women Win, and says it’s a model for success. It will help you identify your passions for leadership and life and then empower you to pursue them. This book offers you an opportunity to examine how the model works through the lens of the stories of seven women. The model introduces nine elements that will help you take action and do what it is you want to do in your world to make a difference. If you hunger for a more fulfilling life, this book is for you. Connect with her at and access her special offer.