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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jan 16, 2018

Clyde McCulley was the director of a School of Art and Arts Institute and was a Professor of art for several Colleges but after 20 years he left and discovered he had a goal of changing his life perhaps graphically using the written word but in the form of writing and publishing.

Having always used painting and photography as his creative outlet personally and professionally, Clyde had the urge to try a new way of creating.  His children had been asking him to write a book about the stories he had told them when they were children.

In his late seventies, that is what this creative gentleman decided to do, and is now loving every minute of it beginning with writing about his childhood growing up. ‘The Boy on Shady Grove Road’ was the result.  The last of six kids in a poor family, in a poor community, on a poor farm, with poor soil in the backwoods of Arkansas following World War II in the 1950s in the segregated South his creative endeavours with words flourished.  Clyde is now writing more books and found this endeavour enormously fulfilling and with his website he is receiving hundreds of emails from people keen to know more ‘real’ stories and learn how to do the same. Clyde’s website name mamaswhitegravy is a wonderful story about his Grandma.

Throughout the interview guest Clyde and Host Diana discuss how to write a book when you don’t know how to write one, as well there are many wonderful tips for would be writers and is why this Podcast is well worth listening to.