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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jan 12, 2018

Jean Sheehan is an internationally recognised award winning Medical Intuitive, and travels globally to teach the Millennium Modality®. The courses consist of Medical Intuition, which can be learned, to Sacred Geometry and Millennium Children®

Jean’s life is exceedingly fulfilling as she enjoys imparting her knowledge.Thiswould be a wonderful skill to learn particularly for the over 50’s looking for a new direction.

Known by many as the ‘walking talking MRI’ Jean has the ability to see the anatomy and physiology within a person to know where each person limits them self and what the body is saying in relation to health and empowerment.

The question on many people’s lips is - how did Jean come to have these incredible abilities? This is where listening to this Podcast is so important.

Jean’s career transformed from a child with intense health insights, to Nursing, Pathology and Autopsies to teaching her Millennium Modality® after her awakening journey. Jean’s purpose is to gently assist those who are awakening, and help them remember who they are, to successfully and abundantly accomplish the purpose they came here to fulfil.

Regularly featured in the media, Jean is requested to speak and teach at universities, corporations, cruises and schools. She writes for many other websites, BLOGS, podcasts, magazines on the various areas of her expertise. Her extraordinary ways do ultimately transform lives. To explore more you can get free YouTube clips Your Body Talks at front