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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jan 8, 2018

Suz Slater said realising her whole life and business had revolved around her husband / partner for 27 years, brought her to an abrupt stop. Shocked at what she discovered she began wondering about her own future beyond 50. Having successfully bought and sold apartments with her husband, the couple began travelling to Bali regularly. One thing stood out for the soon to be single mature woman.

Over the years, Suz had met a lot of women who were either married (husband preferred to stay home) widowed or divorced who loved to travel and when she mentioned a concept of doing personalised women only tours, small groups, under ten not the usual 20 people tour groups, the response she received was resoundingly positive.

Unlike many people who are facing 50, 60 and beyond who worry about their future, for Suz knew instinctively this was the direction she was meant to go in. It felt right. Everything seemed to fall into place. She listened to her instinct, never questioning it, Suz says she felt 'this was her destiny,' so she started to form a team to help her and with that her passion and venture began,'Safe Travel Tours.'

Specialising in 35 plus single women fully escorted all-inclusive tours to Bali, Suz was convinced this would take her intoretirement, with the right people her team. Constantly focusing on safety for women, today there are special tours and she says her motto is: "If
you like singing in the rain, drinking champagne then come dance with us!"

Today's guest can be reached via her website of the same name.