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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jan 1, 2018

Diana Todd-Banks Host of Mature Preneurs Talk knows this only too well, because blocks and limitations stopped her from moving forward at various times in her life to where she is today. After a little however she has consciously worked on clearing those blocks. Her goal has been to not wallow in her limitations, rather to find a way to move forward even if it is slow.  This Podcast is based on her considerable research, which she first applied to herself then after working with clients on this topic she wrote a workbook for others and that is the basis for this Podcast. The reader can ask themselves many of the simple yet practical questions and soon they will uncover some remarkable blocks. If they get stuck then contact Diana. When people arrive at the so-called magical age of 50, many if not most will have retained some blocks and limitations, which can become more pronounced when a major life event occurs which does occur in mature years. These blocks need to be dealt with and removed then that person can move forward much more easily.  This is an interesting topic from which every person can benefit.