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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 23, 2017

Bernice Fitzgibbon conversation with Host Diana Todd-Banks is definitely about life’s hurdles and triumphs.  Years ago Bernice asked herself and others this question:  “Do you feel no matter how hard you aim to achieve your goals somehow you fail to hit the mark?”

While you know what you need to do then you get so far, then sabotage your efforts ... but why?

This issue had plagued Bernice Fitzgibbon “I have been there many times, as no doubt have many listening to this podcast.”  

You may know the ‘how-to’, but each time you get close, something goes wrong, you make a decision you know wasn’t right and you allow yourself to be swayed by the so-called experts, but why?

This discussion is fascinating from which everyone can learn.

On the edge of an abyss having arrived in another country with her partner, plus 4 suitcases, and $5000 dollars the couple were about to venture into the unknown and start over.  But they were broke. Losing everything, home, business, investment properties and in debt for $50k it was frightening. The unknown always is daunting. 

Switching from feeling numb and in shock to anger, fear, shame, guilt and grief, it’s not uncommon to play the blame game while anxiety and depression can become close friends. Bernice’s story as it progresses from here became a further tale of frightening tragedy then ultimately triumph. Becoming an Accredited Inspired Spirit Life Coach, certified hypnotherapist and having completed a Brain Science and Wellness Program through the Neuroscience Academy all to better understand how our brain works, Bernice now uses the skills and knowledge to help others. Her life is now a lot more satisfying.