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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 14, 2017

Eric Reid acknowledges yes, some might think to pick up and move halfway around the world with two newly adopted toddlers to a country that we had never visited or even had family in place to support the new adventure, as a bold step.

But for Eric Reid in truth, it just felt like the next natural step in his journey and that of his newly formed family. 

During Eric’s interview Podcast Host Di Todd-Banks, uncovers 11 vital questions Eric has identified to ask yourself, significant, yet practical questions that will help you discover your value.  Together they discuss these important questions.

Revealing more Eric says, what he has learned in life is there really are no "big bold steps," but just the next step that we have been moving toward all our life either consciously or unconsciously.

Anyone wanting to live or create a bold new life, a new future, needs to just think in terms of their next best step, and before you know it you will be miles away from where you started. 

Stop worrying about what people will say suggests Eric, as you move into your new life of success and adventure – it’s about you, your life and your future. You can learn more of where to contact Eric by listening to the end of this Podcast plus visiting the website or contacting the Podcast Host Diana Todd-Banks at [email protected]