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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 14, 2017

At 50 Jaimi Wolotsky finally found her “life purpose” combining the two things she loves most in the world - children and animals.

 Becoming an Author, animal activist, and non-profit publisher, Jaimi has written a series of children’s picture books that teach “life lessons” through the eyes of animals.  Starting her non-profit educational publishing company in 2015 and publishing her first book called “Rescue Me.” The stories are based on Jaimi’s “life” experiences, and watching her Rescue animals recovery experience, which demonstrated the similarities humans and animals share in their personal struggles.

 Each story in the series (five in all), are heartfelt, uplifting and inspirational showing tremendous courage and resilience with all the books designed to be used as a tool by parents and educators.

Donating a portion of every book sale to local charities (animal rescues and women shelters and giving back to the world by raising awareness to the plights of animals and humans, the author is fulfilling another goal of opening the minds and hearts of children by raising awareness of global issues and personal struggles. At the end of this podcast are details on where to access these important books.