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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 14, 2017

LINDA BINNS Dog Saved her from doing the unthinkable. She was divorced, homeless, in-debt and with nobody she could turn to for support. This is a story of transformation from giving serious consideration to the easy solution of taking own her life but Linda Binns beloved dog stopped her, which changed her life.  Anyone who is a lover of animals knows how painful it is to see an animal ill, and when it’s your precious dog that is suddenly ill it tough. This is when Linda Binns was introduced to the concept of energy and healing, and that changed her life and became the beginning of Linda’s journey to complete transformation.

Now an accomplished energy coach and author of several self-help books, people come to Linda when they are frustrated with their situation in life.  Often, people are in the midst of change and are searching for techniques for freeing their energy, getting focused, with an inner awareness, to acceptance, and peace.  With Linda’s guidance, clients find meaning and move towards a hope-filled future.

Linda teaches the skills to step into greatness and to navigate through challenges with ease.  Her programs and events are designed to create powerful transformation with many clients experiencing unexpected opportunities.