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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 14, 2017

Aaron Marcus discusses his craft with Mature Preneurs Talk host Diana and says, “ It doesn’t matter whether you are heavily wrinkled, overweight or aren’t a fashion model, or svelte shape, size or height, anyone can get involved. You just need to be you. Going on Eric stresses this is a perfect part time role for anyone over 50 as it is so easy to do ... you just be yourself”

Aaron has been a full-time actor for over 30 years and has been included as a guest on Mature Preneurs Talk because of what his skill means for over 50s. As a mature model, during the interview explains this in great detail. 

How to Become a Successful Actor and Model,” is Aaron’s new book and is an excellent guide for anyone of any age who is interested in exploring this field.  Another book,, is considered to be the most important book on this topic.

This eloquent guest talks about some of his experiences in having been cast in over 1,200 acting and modelling jobs to date, Aaron does know his craft well. Eric has given his seminar: Book the Job, over 600 times in 3 continents so it is well received anywhere he goes; as well he also offers online mentoring programs and workshops. Visit his website to receive 3 free videos and listen to the end of this Podcast for his contact information or contact Podcast Host Diana Todd-Banks at [email protected].