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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 13, 2017

Diana Todd-Banks in part two, Diana is interviewed by her colleague and very good friend, Bernice Fitzgibbon, who uncovers some of Diana’s life, in a snapshot form.

Diana is a woman who has had an incredibly varied life, has conquered very high hurdles to make things happen and overcome many deep lows ... and despite all that loves helping people and loves life. To grasp a glimpse of Diana’s past here’s a snapshot of her life ... in numbers:

54 years business experience

Raped at 15

Living on a $1 a day gained a classical guitar degree

5 deaths - packed up their possessions

Escaped being murdered

Domestic Violence

19 different careers

8 different companies

3 different countries all of which created

57 physical moves

6 months could not walk or talk

3 years could not function - was poisoned

3 times broke a high glass ceiling in the US 

Remarkably Diana has moved forward with a positive outlook on life, which ultimately has opened up many new doors and opportunities. Understanding life transitions is why Di works with Over 50, 60s, 70’s, to help them also move forward. She been there she knows it and feels it. Now with her Mature Preneurs Talk Podcast, Diana is shining a light on the over 50’s, 60s and 70’s entrepreneurs about their new life and enterprise as a means of inspiring others to do the same. The Podcast Host Diana Todd-Banks is a 3x Int’l award winning best selling author, and author of 6 other books, 3 with many top world authors and speakers.

To sum it all up Diana is now doing what she loves helping others through interacting and interviewing and all this shows through during her guest interviews for her Podcast Mature Preneurs Talk.