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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 6, 2019

Listen how Mark Lyons creatively combined his earlier two careers in different fields, animal agriculture and strategic management consulting, with his long time passion to become a Garden Troubadour and Green Thumb At Your Service Coach.

Searching ardently for his next career yet nothing happened, Mark said two years later it dawned on him why he wasn’t landing a job, he realized, he’d been lying to himself about what he wanted to do with his next career, his inner self was no longer willing to put up with his lies.

What Mark did next is a lesson for anyone in a similar position. Spend a week in solitude to clear your head and figure out your next move. Mark went to the beautiful hills of Galena, Illinois and came home with a determination to strike out on his own and find a way to combine his passion for gardening with his love of entertaining and starting a business, Green Thumb at Your Service. Becoming a garden coach, working one-on-one with people to show them how to grow more and better vegetables, he also teaches classes and recently wrote his first book – Gardening with Confidence – Tips and Tactics for a Greener Thumb. People are concerned about the quality of food they eat, how it’s grown, what’s being sprayed on it. Many want to grow the food themselves but don’t know how: enter Mark. To flesh out his offerings, this Garden Troubadour also teaches classes on how to make cheese and grow mushrooms and makes the sessions LIVE infusing his presentations with his dry wit and occasionally off-the-wall sense of humor, even singing while accompanying himself on his ukulele. For more go to Mark’s website: