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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 1, 2018

For Marge Brown being a contributing Editor at PC Magazine prior to turning 50 and before that a twenty-year corporate career as a business/systems analyst you would think it’s time to take a break from working. But no! This avid, alert, agile mature preneur needed more to savour in life, more to do, more to keep the brain and body going and that’s what she did. When the real estate industry tanked in 2008, Marge and husband Bruce co-authored some personal development books, and grew a small network marketing team of fitness enthusiasts. But then Marge had a goal in mind to establish a new digital publishing business but she first wanted to learn all about advanced Internet marketing strategies and technology. She did that and is developing online courses and programs for aspiring freelance writers, plus she and Bruce are writing a business book for freelancers. With many young grandchildren in your life who would think of writing an adventure novel with one of them and publishing it too? Marge has with her 12-year-old grandson! Over the course of six months they worked virtually to write their novel, ‘The Jungle of Truth’, then put it on Amazon on his 12th birthday. It was such a fantastic experience for both of them Marge created an online course for other grandparents who want to do something similar with their grandchildren, ‘Write with a Young Author Challenge’. You can learn more listen to the podcast and go here: The course consists of three modules, is easy to follow, and sets up a grandparent and grandchild to get inspired, bond in the process and have tons of fun.