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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 5, 2018

At 69, Susan Goldfein regularly asked those questions, despite having retired with a doctorate in Speech Pathologist, which had afforded her a successful career as a clinician, adjunct professor, and consultant. For any newly retired people those questions do pop up. When you have no idea what to do with your life going forward, taking some time to explore YOU, your passions, loves, dislikes and skills it’s worth every second you do that. Susan found she had a knack for writing humour, but didn't foresee this new career it wasn't part of any grand plan.  At 71 this now witty writer turned what had become a past time into a web site, called Susan’s Unfiltered Wit, where she shares her essays with an audience. Then at 77 having authored an award-winning book entitled How Old Am I In Dog Years: And Other Thoughts About Life From The Far Side of the Hill” she occasionally asks what the heck am I doing? Why not sit in a beach chair doing a puzzle, but then reminds herself of the many new life benefits she’s gained –plenty - having fun, enjoying positive feedback, and challenging her mind, as well, she is a sought after speaker with a large following on social media.  Susan’s story is a good example of ‘you never know where your passion make take you – so just jump in and do yours ... with passion, plus hear other tips in this Podcast. There are a lot of candles on my cake, says Susan, and her mind is still sharp to come up with the words to comment on the ironies of life.