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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 12, 2018

Stepping out of a long corporate career can free the mind of mental clutter and allow you to find or come across other interesting opportunities. Lisa Sweeney did that and stumbled across Business in Heels, now a very successful women’s networking business. An organisation that won’t have a glass ceiling,” thought Lisa, the more she looked into it the more it appealed.  First she bought a couple of franchises and ran events for a year Then, seeing potential to grow the business further, as well as the sense of fulfilment she derived from helping other women succeed in business, Lisa was inspired to buy the company. So she did with her business partner, Jo Plummer.  Having made that move into her own business Lisa is finding many women are frustrated with their ability to make a difference and is why they are setting up their own business. The corporate world are losing a very large pool of talented women says Lisa. Now the partners get to provide support by helping women market and brand their own businesses helping them to break free from being mere so-low-preneurs and enabling them to flourish.  This deeper level of human engagement drives Lisa who says she is blessed to be able to learn so much from every woman she meets. With overseas branches and 40 locations in Australia women are keen to be a part of the collaborative community. Lisa’s advice for future female leaders is to give it a go and take a risk, and be prepared to learn on the job just as she did.