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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 4, 2019

Kathleen said she found herself completely lost and heartbroken, after a family breakdown, her business fell apart, her sense of identity unraveled, and health challenges set in.  She faced fears she had never faced before, having always been so successful in her thriving psychotherapy practice.

Despite always helping others Kathleen now needed help as her money began to run out, she struggled with shame, hopelessness, and a dark depression, facing ageism and a total lack of meaning, all emotions foreign to her.

Listen to Kathleen’s raw account of her life then and what she did until something magical began to happen - a true blessing in disguise that allowed her to reconnect to her “original medicine,” the gifts she had always possessed, yet had not fully owned as being truly miraculous.   After getting fired for speaking truth to power and facing her biggest fears she returned to where she had started but as a totally different woman, more humble, and more confident of her true gifts.  Writing Loveseed: The Template For Birthing A New World, Kathleen shares how each person can find their soul and their ‘loveseed ‘within themselves to bring them back to who they truly are. How exciting is that?

Dramatic life experiences can have a positive impact on each of our lives ultimately helping us to have more creativity and aliveness than ever before and with a great sense of purpose. Kathleen’s current project is creating a retreat centre where people can go to do the deeper work of transformation, and as a spiritual teacher, modern mystic, psychotherapist, and author, her transformation is now helping transform others.  To learn more go to