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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Nov 17, 2018

Karen worked for the Canadian federal government as a tax collector until one day she woke up partially paralysed on one side of her body. Nine days after that, she was diagnosed with MS and ended up on disability, taking a 30% cut in pay, and 2 years later filed for bankruptcy. You think that would be the end of it but when Karen was able to get credit again, she found herself spending the same way as before.  Karen says no doubt others reading and hearing this can relate but this time it was going to stop she recognised her self-destructive behaviour and worked hard to get control of her debt. 

Later realizing she wasn’t alone in this behaviour, Karen thought she could be of service, using her experience as a tax collector, a bookkeeper and life experience to help others avoid continual drowning in debt and possibly by doing that she might even get herself off of disability. In early fifties coaching became Karen’s focus and helping others to avoid the pitfalls she encountered. It’s a very common and wonderful result when instead of reeling in your own misery you can learn from your experiences to help others live a better life, and in the process feel so much better emotionally about yourself. Listen to Karen talk about having faith, your turning point of Pebbles & Stones moving one stone or pebble at a time, not to isolate yourself, along with the three hints she now gives her clients. The final two important tips Karen offers is to get support from someone who isn’t close to you, and throughout work to keep a positive mental attitude.  You can contact Karen on her website