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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 15, 2018

John Orian says for the over 50’s the possibilities are limitless to create a new chapter since they have decades of experience, many contacts and a vast array of skills, many lying untapped. Listen to John’s story about making your dreams come true just as he has done. His mission, through, is to inspire, train, guide and support over 50’s 60’s and beyond to successfully create and operate meaningful ventures as their primary games for the 2nd half of their lives. John retired in 2012, just before he turned 60, knowing he had to pay his way in retirement. Given the health breakthroughs being commercialized, in a few decades living to100 won’t be unrealistic, which is why we need to have ways to truly savour the 2nd half of our lives. Using his Project Manager experiences in many different enterprises, John knows how to get things done. He turned his skills to helping solo preneurs and small teams apply project management techniques and discipline, in a fun way, to achieve their goals without experiencing overwhelm. Recognising there are many people who keep saying they want to create or do something but are stuck, or many who have the same goal today as they did last year, or five years ago, this playful creator encourages us to play with four outcomes / drivers in mind. You can reach John here [email protected]. John describes the four on this chat. As well he says a persons new, self-defined identity and ongoing income will quite likely follow if you focus on those drivers. It is possible! You can have fun, savour life, while creating something of value that makes a real difference in the word.