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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 7, 2019

Some years ago, partners Maree Malouf and Jeff were enjoying a good lifestyle in their respective roles, but in the back of Jeff’s mind something was missing … though he never had a clue as to what.

Unexpectedly Jeff and Maree were invited to be involved in an organisation that had, at its core, the i-Ching. As a trained psychologist and NLP Master he was intrigued. Never did they, for a second, imagine what was to follow. On a whim, they found themselves in Bali, studying under an amazing coach and mentor and quickly became immersed in a world of which they previously had no knowledge. The learning curve was steep, but rewarding.  A few years later, after going through their savings, the couple look back and realise the fantastic journey they had been on, and are still on today. Jeff said they added to the base they learned, and now have embarked on what they describe as their “dream job” … together, coaching and teaching people in all walks of life (and ages), and deliver presentations, writing a lot … while their book is in its own “incubation”.

With wisdom Jeff and Maree said what that they thought was important … and the trappings of success they lost … but in reality, they have gained things money can’t buy - new knowledge, skills, and endless growth potential, much of that, you can hear throughout this podcast.  Importantly now they have friendships and connections that would never been accessible to them in their “previous world”. Was there life before 50 yes, but as they move into their 60’s, they experience new people, places and things. Jeff profoundly asks what lies ahead for them …then quickly replies certainly not retirement … that concept has no meaning for them. For more go here: website address is