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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 16, 2018

Jeff Rasley left his successful law practice of 30 years to take a hike! His wife knew he was as an avid adventure traveller in his earlier life and when he began manifesting mid-life crisis symptoms she suggested he go take a hike on the other side of the world. The cure suggested by his wife was to go trekking in the Himalayas on the Mt. Everest Base Camp Trail at the age of 42.  Trekking the Himalayas as therapy seemed to work.  Taking up Himalayan Mountaineering and solo sea kayaking he wrote several articles about those experiences from a spiritual/psychological perspective.  A few years later on his fourth mountaineering expedition his climbing team barely escaped an avalanche although tragically three Nepalese porters carrying equipment for Western climbers were killed.  Deeply affected, Jeff reconsidered the purpose of his adventure travel and found the answer was to combine adventure travel with culturally sensitive development work in remote villages in the Nepal Himalayas and to write and teach about that. Achieving material success in the US and finding communal wisdom in Nepal Jeff believes travel deepens the soul & broadens the mind and so founded the Basa Village Foundation (BVF) in Nepal and serves on the board of 5 other non-profit corporations in Indianapolis USA.  The BVF has provided the funds to build a school, a hydroelectric system, computers and educational materials for the school, smokeless stoves for all the homes in the Basa village area, school toilets, temporary medical clinics, and a water delivery system for this remote village in Nepal. Learn more about Jeff here: Jeff has written ten books, and 70+ articles, many about combining adventure travel with philanthropy ("philanthro-trekking") and what it takes to live a meaningful life.