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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Nov 6, 2018

Jane Curnow was in and out of therapy from the age of 16, by which time she had made two attempts on her life, and had three hospitalisations. Chronically addicted to drugs and alcohol, exercise, she had eating disorders, anxiety, serious medication all of which made depression Janes intimate companion and for over 25 years.

Significantly, at 45 years of age she suffered an injury that saw her having to change her exercise routine because she was addicted to exercise because her self worth through her appearance was not as she thought it should be.  Her physio literally dragged by the hair, kicking and screaming, into the weights room. Required to adopt a kinder approach to her body, later Jane debuted as a fitness model at the age of 46 and her journey of recovery had begun. Through the intense protocol required to compete on stage, and driven by vanity and low self-worth, Jane inadvertently stumbled across the answers she had searched a lifetime for curing herself from depression! As a fitness model, she celebrated her 50th birthday on stage in 2016 as her declaration to the world that she was fully recovered! In the process she cured herself of osteoarthritis in both knees, as she’d been told two knee replacements were needed which she refused. Today Jane enjoys a symptom free menopause as well as the body and energy levels of a 30 year old!

As a result of her past she is now passionate about health, wellness & empowering women to feel as AMAZING as she now does! Today as a mindset & lifestyle coach, author, blogger & fitness model and Jane has dedicated her life to inspiring, supporting and motivating as many women as possible who suffer in silence as she used to.  Go to Joan’s website to learn more. Jane is living proof that age and life hurdles, are no barrier to your dreams!