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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 10, 2018

Ludwina Dautovic definitely has! Ludwina feels while her latest entrepreneurial project is one that will not be her greatest achievement but it is the one that will have the biggest impact on a global scale. But with one kidney down and out and then 8 years later being clear of the ‘nasties’, that entire experience, as with many major health challenges can become a massive benchmark in terms of knowing what you can survive, achieve and create in terms of new beginnings, new niche projects.  Despite many years being involved in entrepreneurial endeavors Ludwina decided just before her 50th birthday ‘The Room Xchange’ was her big kahuna - her website is the same name. Given just in Australia there are over 7 million spare bedrooms in Australia lying idle Ludwina definitely found a niche. The statistics for the world are astronomical. But being investor ready and raising capital are definitely the two most difficult challenges for a small business, major difficulties even pleasant surprises occur also. Part of the sharing economy where money is paid for a room and short terms stays, the Room Xchange is about exchanging a persons time for the value of food and accommodation for mid to long term living arrangements, not short term holidays. Listen to this Podcast on this niche, what the room xchange is but most importantly it's a wonderful example of suddenly experiencing a major health challenge to surviving and how to move forward with wonderful energy, vision and direction. Anyone can do that.