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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 19, 2018

For some, writing a book can change your life it all depends on the topic and some other factors. This was the case with Irene.

Listen to her volunteering stories and how she progressed toward 50. Approaching 50, Irene looked at her bucket list to see which items or item on her list had the greatest draw for her and one stood out it was writing and self publishing her first book, which she ultimately called “​Zipping it Up: ​How to lose 5 pounds fast - and look great in that little black dress!” Lots of people write books, so what is the point of difference (POD) with Irene’s book? No matter many how many times your topic has been talked about, or how many different authors have written on the topic, there haven’t been any said in your voice before. That’s the point of difference. Everyone has a particular take on a topic and that’s how she or he needs to view their POD. Adopting that view is strong and empowering.

Writing a book can open many unexpected new doors and given time, people will reach out to you, asking you to help them write their first book, and get their message heard through the ​Power of Writing. Irene did that and wrote 10 Easy Steps to Start Writing Your Book Today.  Any would be writers can go to and download a  free checklist. Also on Mature Preneurs Talk, Irene talks about how to choose the right topic for your book, the best way to research your topic and how to get your book written, published and sold.  All large tasks!