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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Sep 18, 2018

Francesca’s stories of her earlier life are fascinating which you will hear on this podcast. Volunteering in wonderful locations and even one real job where she worked for a spiritual tour company that took her to the Amazon and Peru and was introduced to the healing power of Iowaska (a plant which has numerous other names). During this life phase Francesca had a big ah ah moment that truly touched her soul as she realised being immersed in nature was a needed ingredient for her life.

Returning back to the UK and still in her fifties, Francesca felt confused at first but then nature presented itself and became a big part of Francesca’s life and still is. During her self-discovery where she was depressed for a while Francesca discovered many women felt the same only more so. Many don’t feel they have anything to offer but of course they do. Francesca firmly believes when you learn to follow your heart magic happens, and when you do that and listen to your heart to take a huge step into the unknown, magic can unfold and happen. Importantly it’s a time when women learn about their own wisdom.  Apollinaire’s quote about this is profound. So in 2016 Francesca started what is now a huge Facebook group – The Silver Tent, which any woman can join - the best part it’s free. Some of The Silver Tent members are very active sharing, helping and supporting each other, while others at first are shy. This group now has two further attached groups Silver Synergy and Silver Grove.  All in all Francesca is deservedly proud of what she has achieved to help wise elder women around the world to become conscious, co-creative, collaborators. Here’s the website: The Silver