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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 20, 2018

Elly Johnson had a fascination with uncovering the truth started as a rookie policewoman at 22 when she discovered the importance of having skills to effectively evaluate the truthfulness and credibility of the information received.

Elly Johnson’s strong interest led her to create a business in 2001 that teaches people involved in high stake situations to distinguish between truth and lies when it matters most, and it did with law enforcement officers, intelligence agents, security assessors and high-level business people. Now she helps singles on the dating scene avoid the hazards of lies and deception in their search for true love.

Like many in their midlife, Elly viewed approaching 50 as an opportunity to overhaul herself and her life – it can become a distinctive turning point. For her it certainly was, where health, fitness, moving states, changing her name, a new man all became integral to those changes as was rebranding her business and learning how to overcome her fear of presenting on camera. Doing that allowed Elly to create and present new training programs for people who would benefit from her wealth of knowledge in the field of truth, lies and human behavior.

Some techniques are used by intelligence agents, but blended into her programs they help people learn how to encourage more truth, build confidence, ask better questions and spot signs of harmful deception even on a date or early in a relationship. Go to Elly’s website in her name to get a free ebook use the code mature preneurs.  Final tips for listeners, when you’re passionate about a topic go after it, or if you want to change your life remove the naysayers from your life.