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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Nov 11, 2018

Dr. Clete proudly states at 80, he’s going strong and focused on helping to improve public schools.  With so many years behind him he has many fascinating stories to talk about some of which Dr. Clete does allude and expand on during this program. Dr. Clete is extraordinarily eloquent when he discusses the five basic needs for human relations, whether in a love relationship, business relationship, parental relationship or a friend relationship, he says four factors come into play. Listen to the program for more on this fascinating topic and much more including the discussion about life with no purpose is no life and how to find that purpose. 

A winding road of life experiences he spent years in the school system and was awarded a contract to evaluate every school district in West Virginia. His favourite question of teachers and students was “What do you like about school and what do you not like about school,” and discovered that many teachers and students did not like school. He then wrote a book on how to create a high performing school where students and teachers liked their school. Retiring from the professorship at the age of 65 he wrote that book. The third version of that book is now two books, and was published last October 2017.

Poor human relations are often the cause of not only dysfunctional schools but businesses, groups, and organizations and to continue his work he formed a consulting agency called “The Professional Development and Assessment Center”. The agency provides training to improve leadership skills in human relations conflict management and group management and seminars. You can learn more about his books at his website