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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 8, 2018

David Stewart says many people around the world share a similar view there’s a growing emerging new generation that has been ignored and forgotten or worse put on the scrap heap. It’s a critically powerful generation and wealthy too, and you guessed it, it’s the over-50s who are without doubt a critically important demographic. David Stewart certainly recognises that as does the host of this program Mature Preneurs Talk.

Recognising the differing views in the wider marketplace, David Steward became a founding Partner of a significant group called AGEIST which recognises the over 50’s strong political, social and economic standing which makes them the most powerful generation to have ever lived. Despite brands and some media writing them off, many over 50s are creating a new life, new health with a vitality and passion, which also cannot be ignored.

David Stewart at Ageist suggests all aspects of how later life is lived is changing and he is determined to convey positive messages and services. You can learn more about Ageist at their website with a ‘different address’   Throughout this Podcast David offers great insight, five positive suggestions and tips for those over 50’s looking to make changes for their own future, in fact they’re wise words everyone over 50. David will be doing a TED Talk in May, which is a great testament to his knowledge of this demographic being one himself, also his years as an award-wining photographer for major publications and brands. Society can no longer impose ‘their old negative views’ on this powerful positive and exciting demographic. It’s time to recognise ‘the sky for them is not the limit’ ... the limit is way beyond. Anything is possible!