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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 13, 2019

Dan McCrory said for decades, he worked at a phone company as a telecommunications technician but he always had writing jobs on the side, but as he found out writing a book is different and has its own set of pitfalls. Some advice? Know your target audience. He never stopped to ask will millennials, (his audience) read this? While receptive, they want a book they can listen to while driving.

At 63, Dan said he’s a driven person; many people don’t understand what motivates him and he would be hard-pressed to explain why he’s so driven. He said folks with Parkinson’s disease tend to withdraw, especially as symptoms become harder to ignore, but he refuses to hide. He’s always faced his fears and got on with living, and wants to forget he has PD and live a normal life.  One point Dan does know - he wants people to know he’s contributed value to the human race. And he’s certainly doing that now!  Throughout this podcast Dan offers numerous pieces of advice, sound wisdom and tips about living. Dan strongly believes Life is Too Short – So Get On With It! This vibrant chap offers a wise piece of advice and says of midlife, it’s imperative everyone in this demographic creates a new life chapter doing ‘ what fires them up.’ Do not be one of those retirees who watch TV then later die, with so much stored up yet unrealised potential. Dan wrote his first book at 63, and is working on two screenplays at the moment and has a lot more to do as well.  Dan doesn’t have a website, rather a Facebook page named: Capitalism Killed the Middle Class. Listeners can buy it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or on his Facebook page.