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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 6, 2018

Well known in the fields of entrepreneurship, and as an award winning professor Dr D Anthony Miles has a wealth of experience particularly in the retail industry, banking, and financial services industry. Sought after by the media for his views on many topics, this eloquent Professor continually offers practical tips and suggestions for others. D Anthony suggests problems are well-disguised opportunities and while everyone has strengths and weakness, don’t bury your weaknesses - acknowledge them.  Generally most people ‘wear an employee hat’ that hampers their creative thinking, take that off and put on your entrepreneurial hat and think like an entrepreneur. And yes he says, everyone has an entrepreneurial hat you just need to find it.  The information revolution is today’s economy.  To help people create new opportunities for themselves think about the things you complain about, are there gaps there? Think about things people in your life complain about, are there gaps there? Competitors have weak points – look for them, who are your competitors targeting, then look for those they’ve left out.  A mature person has developed many skills, do a strong self-assessment, hone your skills and learn to spot an opportunity before anyone else does. Most importantly learn to take your skill set from a job and build a business for yourself. Multiply your potential by breaking your skill set into a portfolio of potential revenue for yourself. When anyone starts a business the key question to ask is, what problem am I solving for the customer? The basis of all businesses is that is a problem is being solved for a customer.