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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 21, 2018

Benjamin Oxley was a Professional Opera Singer for 30 years singing alongside Andrea Bocelli and Tony Bennett and many other well known operatic stars, but there comes a time when another direction beckons. This was the case for Benjamin. When many people approach 50 or when a time, place and career needs rethinking, what do you? Look at your passions even those when you were young.  What steps do you take, how do you decide what’s next? Ben’s approach was practical, which he suggests others do when in the same position. Talk and Talk, do an appraisal of what you do, what you love, and what others have suggested, then go away for a few days, get clarity. For Ben, he came across his ‘sweet spot’ drawing on event management, performing experience, compassion and much more.

That spot landed firmly on a much needed service and business where rarely families pre-plan not only their funeral or loved ones funeral but the more difficult choice of music until one or two days before it’s all required – all of which compounds the feelings of grief and stress. Out of that Ben developed his business Celebrating Life in Music (see website)  but he helps even more by using his operatic skills. For those starting a new venture Ben suggests looking at whether you are creating a new business, or a 'service' – in his case he wanted to convey he provides a compassionate and professional consultancy. For the Opera Singer turned creator of Celebrations of Life In Music for Funerals, Ben loves what he now does, and feels wonderful about helping people, plus he says his life is better organized and joyful.