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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 15, 2018

Sandy Sanderson suffered a health crash due to the stress of the GFC in 2008. After a severe event that hospitalised her, she was told by her cardiologist, there were no drug solutions for people with her heart arrhythmia, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid and ‘electrical system’ issues, and that these electrical system glitches were very common problems for people around the world. He told her to just, “put up with it like everyone else.”

Sandy took up the challenge to find a natural solution and immersed herself into books and studies about the body’s electrical system. During her research she uncovered a plethora of documented medical research – much of which addressed one key link, yet that information was not widely publicised so she was determined to change that to allow others to also benefit.

What was the key link? All paths pointed to magnesium as the fundamental master mineral that is essential for electrical system regulation and heart rhythm.  Sandy also found that transdermal magnesium chloride offered the best results in calming inflammation and stabilising the electrical system. She was able to recover and normalise her heart rhythm without the use of drugs, and of course without any negative side effects.

Sandy and her husband, a qualified food chemist, directed their energies into developing a range of natural magnesium body care products called Elektra Magnesium which offer superior magnesium uptake quickly. Listen to this podcast for more about this fascinating topic.