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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 3, 2019

Anthony Hamilton at the age of ten had a dream, which affected him so much he spent over twenty years investigating how it could have happened. Over time, as various parts of the dream came true, Anthony developed a new model of the mind to explain and understand this dream. In 1980, he realized that the mind works as a time machine and began speaking and coaching others in using this new model of consciousness.

His discovery, which has recently been proven by science, will prove to be as earth shaking if not more so than the discovery that the earth goes around the sun.  During this podcast Anthony offers several excellent suggestions including one for those who want to change their feelings about the past.

We are so used to thinking that our present life is due to the events of our past, it seems laughable to suggest anything else. Yet it’s clear, different people experience different effects from similar events, so something else it at play. That ‘something else’ is the way we perceive the past event. Our attitude which influences the way any event will affect us, can be changed at any time, changing the effect of any past event at any time. This means the past is malleable. It can be changed; and we have the power to change it.  The past has not gone anywhere. It is not finished. It is still available to us and we can influence its contents.  Using our mind as a time machine allows us to revisit and change any aspect of our personal past. It is also the key to turning our dreams and goals into our actual, physical reality. To earn more go to the website