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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 12, 2018

Annette Phillips was faced with this question when her youngest daughter started middle school. As a mother Annette had many interesting and diverse jobs. From hand building an ostrich farm in the jungles of Malaysia to waitressing in an Italian restaurant in Tokyo, teaching Primary school living in France for three months with her family to celebrate her 50th birthday. Whatever Annette did she was determined to have fun and do interesting things in the next phase of her life. Question was what? Asking for divine guidance she bumped into a mother from her daughters’ school. Together they were inspired to create a business around what they do best…help others. After countless cups of tea and lots of laughter, 4 years of research Annette and her friend turned business partner set out to create a mobile app to help strengthen relationships – two minutes at a time. Why?  They discovered that many people are in relationships where the shine has worn off but don’t discuss the challenges they are facing. The new mature preneurs called the App, ‘Take Two,’ which can be found in the lifestyle category on the App Store…no mean feat when the creators are females over 50 starting from scratch operating in the tech world!  Take Two app provides inspiration and support in our busy, stressful life. It’s easy to take two minutes to pause, breath deeply and read an inspirational quote that can change mindset to a positive, happy one that ultimately supports you and your relationship. You can learn more at their website 

Having the app, ‘Take Two’ on your iPhone is really is like having personalised relationship support in your pocket, delivered to you at a time that suits.