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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 10, 2018

Dr Letitia Wright says the over 50s have the knowledge, the network and wisdom to support Crowd Funding! You make great decisions and people know you can make it work. To achieve that however, the over 50s, in fact most people, need a better understanding of how Crowdfunding works. Why, because now it’s a massive industry raking in billions of dollars, in 2015 alone $36 billion dollars changed hands through Crowd Funding campaigns. Three years later the figures are even more staggering.

Having been named in the 100 Crowdfunding Experts list for the last 3 years in a row Dr Wright says with 6 different kinds of crowd funding in existence, and all having their own rules and guidelines and all catering to differing audiences, understandably the subject can be very confusing. During this podcast Dr Wright mentions different crowd funding platforms, which are complex and which simple. But she stresses before beginning a campaign it’s vital to be clear about your project, and while that sounds simple it is more complex than it seems.

Most people overlook the considerable preparation that’s needed first and most do not know enough about it to make crowd funding work for them. It's not a cure all but it’s a great tool that business owners should know and understand. Then they can make a decision to deploy this tool when and how they wish.

Dr Wright teaches crowd funding for individuals and groups and works with clients one on one. Listen to the podcast for contact information and a lot of valuable information, and good stories too.