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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 5, 2018

Why all because of Alicia’s voice. Singing to school children while driving a New York City school bus, driver Alicia “Reygn” Patterson had the children transfixed, under control and in awe of her voice and the words she sang. Pretty soon the children started signing too. But then suddenly all NY City bus drivers were laid off.

Terrified for a while, the mother of 5 prayed “Lord if you have a plan for me would you do me a favor and let me in on it?” The next morning she woke up writing children’s songs, but with a twist, in the education genre. She went on to write a musical to showcase the songs and casting it soon realized there was a market for what she was doing.

In 2014 she started “Sound Through Music” with a goal to teach science with the aid of music to children. She pinned the hit play “At The Wave” that has played all over NYC including BAM and Off Broadway. Alicia has become a play-write, TV producer and a published author in this genre of media.

Introducing the principles of sound then song to children while still young, the belief is this helps to encourage science awareness because they learn about sound waves, sound vibrations, amplitude and frequency. Plus they also learn the importance of sound and how it affects our everyday lives. Alicia and her team at Sound Through Music (see website in same name) believe that anything can be taught and understood when spoken to the children’s level. Not only will the students have lots of fun, but more importantly, they will learn.